April 1, 2020 Superintendent Update

April 1, 2020

Good Afternoon,

Today is April 1st and school will be closed through at least May 1st.  That is no joke! Many of you heard this announcement from Governor Dewine on Monday.  We want to send an update on where we stand as a District as we move forward into April.  Our first concern is that our students and families are safe. If you need the school to provide assistance with food please contact Waterford High School at 984-2373.

School Lunches

We will continue to provide the student breakfasts and lunches to students.  We are providing a week's worth of meals to students at this time. If you are interested in receiving meals, please contact the high school office (740-984-2373) and get added to the list.  Orders need to be placed no later than Friday morning at 9am so that they will be ready on Monday during the pick up time. The pick up location is the side parking lot at Waterford Elementary.  Staff will bring the meals to the dock area and parents will need to get the meals from there. This will assist in social distancing as this is a curbside pickup. If the meals are ready early, a notification will be sent out via the alert system.  If you are interested in meals but are unable to pick up during this time, please leave a message indicating this at the High School office. 

School Work and Assignments

School work will continue to be assigned.  There will be packets made available on Mondays for each week.  Be sure to check the dates on the packets as some grades may put multiple weeks worth of work in the packet.  The goal is that these will be available by 11:00am. A notification will be sent out when they are ready to be picked up.  Please respect others in regards to social distancing. Try to only have one person at the table at a time and stand back and wait your turn.  There will be plenty of packets for each child to get one.  

These assignments need to be submitted to the child’s teacher electronically.  The easiest way is to take a picture and email it to the teacher directly. We are trying to limit the number of times a paper is passed around to limit the spread of germs.  Teacher email addresses can be found on the website, the app and on the PTO Facebook page. 

All assignments will also be available online for those who choose this option.  They are located on the website for each of the buildings under COVID-19 Extended Work.  This is also in the document section of each of the buildings websites. 

We are asking that parents attempt to have their students complete and submit their work within one week unless there are other due dates assigned.  For example - work is assigned on Monday April 6th, then it would be due back to the teacher on Monday April 13th. This is a goal to assist students and parents in having an idea of due dates.  

Currently, the grading of these assignments will be completed as if we were in school.  We are awaiting additional guidance from ODE on what these expectations will be in regards to grades  and credit for students.  

Third Nine Weeks Grades 

Both schools are working to finalize the grades for the third nine weeks.  Those will be available this Friday (4/3) for parents and students to get on the Parent Portal.  If you need assistance with accessing the Parent Portal, Elementary Parents should contact Mrs. Varnadoe (nannette.varnadoe@wolfcreeklocal.org) ot at the High School contact Mrs. Wagner (lisa.wagner@wolfcreeklocal.org) or Mrs. Morris (beth.morris@wolfcreeklocal.org).

Internet and Devices

We understand that the internet access and reliability can be questionable, to say the least, in some areas of the district. Please know that the school internet can be accessed from the parking lot in both buildings.  Although this is not ideal, it is an option if a student needs internet access. We just remind students that choose this option that social distancing should be observed at all times and individuals should stay in cars as much as possible. 

If you child needs a Chromebook to gain access to the online materials, please let us know in the High School office.  We will be able to get your student a device to use at this time.  

We have put a survey out on social media asking for input in regards to connectivity to assist the school in making decisions in the future to meet the needs of the community.  Please complete this survey if you have not already.

Facilities and Grounds

The facilities and grounds will remain closed to use by school and outside groups during the school closure.  Any scheduled events have been Canceled during this time. We will reschedule events if possible once schools reopen. 

Office and Staff

Staff members are working from home at this time as well so there is limited access to the building.  They are all frequently answering emails, calling parents and addressing students and their needs through multiple avenues.  If you need to contact a teacher, the best method is through email. You can also call the high school office and leave a message there.  The office is checked daily for messages and to assist individuals.  

Again, our goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy in this uncertain time.  Please reach out to the school if you have a need or know of a family in need.  It is our goal to continue to be the support in the community that we would be if we were in session.