330 Main Street

PO Box 67

Waterford, Ohio 45786

Phone: (740) 984-2373

Fax: (740) 984-4420

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Marsha Tornes - 

Marsha Tornes

Bus # 3 - From Bus Compound on S.R. 339, left on to S.R. 676 to Watertown Rd, to Klinger Rd, turn around, back to Watertown Rd., to Rainbow Rd, to Heiss Rd, to Hendershot Rd, back to Watertown Rd, right on Waterford Rd, to Strahler Rd, to Lowell Hill Rd, to Waterford Rd, to Main Street to Sunset Lane to high school, to elementary school. (Telephone -984-4504)

Eric Bauerbach-

Eric Bauerbach

Bus # 15  - Bus Compound on S.R. 339, to Buchanan Rd, to Wells Rd, to Corner Rd, to Center Rd, to Mines Rd, to Wells Rd, to Corner Rd, to Jones Rd, right on Wells Rd, right on Buchanan Rd, left on Hoover to turn around, back to Buchanan, right on Buchanan to Stevens Rd, left on Camp Hervida Rd, to turn around, Camp Hervida Rd to 339, left on 339, right on Sherlock Rd, then back to 339, right to Sampson Rd, back to 339, left on 339 to Windy Point, to S.R. 339, to Anderson Lane, back to 339 to Main Street, to Meadowbrook Drive to high school, to elementary school. (Telephone 740-350-1009)

Ricky Stauch 

Ricky Stauch

Bus #2- Bus Compound on S.R. 339 to past S.R. 676, to turn around then back to S.R. 676, to Anderson Rd, to Pine Ridge Processing, turn around, back to Pine Ridge Rd., then back to Anderson Rd, to S.R. 676, to Rauch Rd, then Turkey Hen Rd. to turn around, return to Rauch Rd, to Schwendeman Rd, S.R. 676, to Watertown Store, back to S.R. 339, then to Beebe’s Hill, to Flint Run, to Buchannan Rd, to S.R. 339, then to high school, to elementary school. (Telephone –984-8263)

Cary Huck -

Cary Huck

Bus # 12 - Bus Compound to Waterford Rd, to Culver Run Rd, to Salem Ridge Rd., to Culver Run Rd.,to Muskingum River Rd, Cider Mill Rd, to Lowell Hill Rd, back to Waterford Rd, to Watertown Rd., to Kern Rd, to Plum Run Rd, to McNeal Rd, to Sand Ridge Rd, back to McNeal Rd, then to high school, to elementary school. (Telephone - 749-3484)

Ray Schaad

Ray Schaad

Bus # 8 – From Bus Compound on S.R. 339 to right on S.R. 676, right on Shaffer Rd, to left on Buchanan Rd., left on S.R. 676, straight on Brownrigg Rd, Right on Oakhill Rd,Right on Pugh Rd,Left on 676, to Buchanan Rd., to Derby Rd., left on to S.R. 676, left on Hoover Rd., back to S.R. 676 to S.R. 339, to right on Hilltop Rd., back to S.R. 339 to high school and then to elementary school. (Telephone-740-984-4085)

Holly Sampson -

Holly Sampson

Bus # 18 - Rt. 339 to Waterford Rd., to Watertown Rd., to Davis Rd., to Rt. 676, to Rt. 339, to Rt. 676, to Buchanan Rd., to Shaffer Rd., to Rt. 676, to Rt. 339, to Warren High School, back to Rt. 339, to Rt. 676, to Davis Rd., to Rt. 399, to Buchanan Rd., back to Rt. 339, to Main St., to Virginia St., to High St. to the H.S., to Main St., to Rt. 339, to Elem. School, to bus lot. (Telephone 740-984-1314)

Janice Schaad - 

Janice Schaad

Bus # 6 –Bus Compound to Buchanan Rd. to S.R. 676 to Brownrigg Rd., to right on Clutter Rd., right on Oak Hill Rd., right on Powell Rd., to turn around, to Oak Hill Rd. to Lakewood, to Kitts Rd., left on Brownrigg Rd., left on Oak Hill to Sean Works, turn around, left on Brownrigg, Straight on 676, Right On Buchanan,  left on Styer Road, turn around, left on Buchanan, to left on S.R. 339, right on Main St., to high school, then to  St. John’s school.(Telephone 740-984-4764)

Melinda Tornes-

Melinda Tornes

Bus # 10 - Bus Compound to Righteous Ridge Rd, right on Maple Grove Rd, right on Milner, left on Hayesville, right on to Cory Hill Road, Straight onto Cory Hill Road, Turn right to Milner Rd, turn left on to Luke Chute Rd, stop at Diane Rd and back into road, turn left onto Luke Chute Rd, Turn left onto Swift Rd, Turn left back on to Echo Valley Rd, back to Swift Rd, to Sparling Rd, turn left onto Virginia St, turn left onto Washington St,  to high school, to elementary school. (Telephone 740-984-4085)

Gary Crock

Bus #16 Town Route 

Bobby Stauch

Preschool Route

The above routes may be modified because of new students.

Reminder: For students to attend Wolf Creek Schools, parents or guardians must live within the boundaries of the Wolf Creek Local School District