I want to apologize for those who did not receive text notification during the events of Wednesday September 11th.  We was notified of the situation at 12:57 We sent notifications at 1:05 about the lockdown and 1:55 when the lockdown was lifted.  We have been working with the vendor who manages our app and text notification.  There was a problem which caused some not to be notified.  We believe that issues have been resolved.  

The numbers which messages are sent is from our student information system.  If your current cell number is not in the system then you will not receive the message.  Another way to receive notification is through our the Wolf Creek App.  We will have a video link on on our website later today for anyone who needs assistance.  The app is free and can be found in your app store. 

Your student should have brought home a census data sheet  earlier this week or will be soon.  Please make sure the information is correct and return to school.  The information on that sheet is what we have in the Student Information System.

We will be sending out a test text message and notification tonight at 6 pm  If you do not receive this message please contact your school office.