School Lunch

Seamless Summer Option 2021-2022

Wolf Creek Local School District wants to announce its participation in the federally funded Seamless Summer Option of the National School Lunch Program. Under the Seamless Summer Option, nutritious meals are provided free of charge to all children attending the Elementary and the High School. Please continue to fill out a free and reduced lunch application in your parent portal using the link below –


“If lunch is free why do I have to fill out a free and reduced lunch application?”

  • ALL parents/guardians should fill out the application whether you believe you will be denied or approved. Though your student will still receive a free lunch/breakfast during the 2021-2022 school year, the application helps to identify other types of funding the school may receive.

“Where do I fill out the free and reduced lunch application?”

  • The application is available in your parent portal by using the link above. Don't have a log in? Call in! We are happy to get you set up to be able to do more than just fill out your application but also view your students grades and pay their fees!

“Why does my child still need to enter their lunch/breakfast pin?”

  • Students need to enter their pin number each day for breakfast and lunch because they are still required to purchase the extra items they get during a meal. We also use their pin to track which students ate and how many. This allows us to claim the funds to pay for the free meals.

Have a question that still was not answered? Please contact,

Bailey Offenberger

Telephone: 740-984-2373 ext. 522