Wolf Creek's new web page and app
Doug Baldwin
Monday, November 20, 2017

Dear Parents, Students and Wolf Creek Community,

    We are very excited to release our new website and app. It has been a goal for the last year to move into the 21st century with our website and communication with the Wolf Creek Community. The webpage is up and running as the administration continues to add more material to make it better for everyone’s use. The webpage is actually three web pages: the District, Waterford High School and Waterford Elementary. You will want to familiarize yourself with it. Calendar events for the District are listed, but events specific to the building, example: High School sporting events, are only on the high school page. You can also view daily menu, staff contact info and other information from the menu on each individual page. The web address for the website is, www.wolfcreek.k12.oh.us. It may be necessary to delete the old address from your browser, even though it is the same.

   In addition to the webpage, an app has been added to enhance our communication with the community. It works directly with the web page.The app can be found at either the Apple Store or Google Play, depending on the type of Smartphone. The app is free and can be found by searching “ wolf creek local oh”. School menus, district and school events, with other news and information can be viewed from the app. In addition, notifications will  be sent through this app if you desire.   

     In addition to our social media outlets, emergency closings and delays will continue to be posted on WTAP and area radio stations as in the past. Closing and delays will also continue to be sent via text messages as in the past.


Douglas A. Baldwin, Superintendent

Wolf Creek Local Schools