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The W.E.S Zoom Meetings this week will only address questions regarding homework packets (pick up/drop off), how to turn them in (other options) and teacher communication. At this time, Mrs. Thomas has no new Covid-19 info or updates from the ODE.

1 day ago Jana Thomas

Students in grades 8-11 - - If you can return your scheduling forms and CCP letter of intent to These forms can be picked up and dropped off in front of the Elementary as well.

4 days ago Suellen Coleman

We will continue to serve meals to students while we are sheltered in place. Anyone who has had a change in income is encouraged to complete the forms online for assistance with these meals. Also - messages can be left at the HS 740-984-2373. Continue to watch social media.

7 days ago Suellen Coleman
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Tuesday 31 March 2020


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