March 13, 2020

Dear Parents,

Beginning on March 16th we will be closed until April 6th. This comes as a statement that was made by Governor DeWine statement that all public schools K-12 will close for three weeks beginning on March 16th. We will use the remaining three calamity days. (3/16, 3/17, 3/18). We will use three blizzard bag days for the next three days (3/19, 3/20, 3/23). At this time we are waiting for guidance from the state on when the remaining days will be made up.

Student Assignments and Instruction

Students will be encouraged to bring home all instructional materials with them on Friday March 13th. They will either be given the work for the Blizzard Bags or instructed where to find the information. All Blizzard Bag materials will be available on the District website. The materials beyond the Blizzard Bag days will be made available online as well as in a pick up box located near the front door of the Elementary Building. These packets will have a week’s worth of work in them. There will also be a tub in which completed work can be returned to the school. Students will be expected to complete this work while they are off as a grade will be taken on each of the assignments. Students should be encouraged to complete the work prior to returning to school, however they will be given two weeks to complete and submit the work once we return. Additional information will be provided as this process will be evaluated on a regular basis.

**The Kindergarten and First Grade teachers plan to send this work home with students today.

End of the Nine Weeks

The nine weeks ends on March 13. However, the grades will not be finalized until students return so that students have the opportunity to complete any work from being absent this week or complete assignments that are in progress. All work that is completed during the next three weeks will be graded and recorded during the fourth nine weeks.

Activities and Facilities

All facilities, both inside and outside, will be shut down during this time. All activities will be canceled during this three week period. This will impact both school sponsored and outside groups that have planned to host events at the school.


●Lunch Services - It is the intent that a lunch will still be provided to students who receive free or reduced lunch or any other student who is interested. All students will be charged as they are eating at the school. Parents are encouraged to call the High School to order lunch and breakfasts in the morning by 9:00. These can be picked up at the elementary school from 11:00-1:00 daily. If you are interested in getting a lunch for your student but are unable to get to the school during this time, please contact the High School office (740-984-2373) to make other arrangements.

●Life and Purpose Counseling - The Counselor will be permitted to use the office at the High School to continue to provide services to her clients. Please work with her to make arrangements. Transportation will not be provided at this time. There will be a letter coming home with these students today.

The District will continue to monitor information that is provided from the Governor's office and the Ohio Department of Education as we are all entering a new territory with this closure. Please be patient with us as we are continuing to do what is best for our students and community. Please continue to monitor the District Website and Social Media Accounts to stay up to date on any additional information that may be coming.


Douglas Baldwin

March 11, 2020

Important Announcement from Wolf Creek Local Schools

Yesterday, Governor Mike DeWine took safety precautions in regards to preventing the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Outlined here is important related information regarding the school.

●Wolf Creek Local Schools continue to operate as normal. We are regularly disinfecting our buses and school buildings, as we always should during all flu season. We are emphasizing to our students’ proper handwashing, coughing, and sneezing procedures. If your child has a severely compromised immune system, please contact the school nurse.

●If your child is sick with a fever or other health issues, your child should not return to school until at least 24 hours of being symptom-free (without the use of medication).

●When attending evening school-related events, please take advantage of available hand sanitizer. Please do not attend large public events if you are sick or have a compromised immune system.

●Wolf Creek Local has a school closing plan that includes the use of online learning and blizzard bags on school closing days #6, #7, and #8. Our plan includes a schedule of make-up days that are marked on our school calendar. In extreme school closing cases, our administration may work with our Board of Education to make adjustments.

●Perfect Attendance Awards will not be effected for students who choose to stay home due to this illness.

Some additional strategies to assist all in remaining healthy:

● Increase/encourage handwashing with soap and water (min. 20 seconds) if available at least: before eating, after using the restroom, after coughing or sneezing/using a tissue,

And before touching your eyes, nose or mouth (MORE OFTEN if possible)

●Encourage the vampire cough or sneeze: burying the nose and mouth in your bent elbow/sleeve.

●Use of hand sanitizer if soap and water is not possible

●Reduce shaking hands

●Sanitize items routinely touched by others (doorknobs, desks, chair seats, and backs, etc.)

●Stay out of each other's faces (3 feet of suggested space)

●Protect anyone with chronic illnesses and the elderly, by reducing exposure to crowds and others as much as possible (kids visit grandparents by phone, deliver groceries to them)

●Contact your physician if you feel symptoms in your chest (shortness of breath, dry cough)

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the building administrators or the school nurse.

Superintendent School Nurse