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May 11, 2020

Wolf Creek Local School

Coronavirus Grading and Other End of the Year Activities

How long will the Buildings and facilities be closed?

  • The most recent release (4/30/2020) indicated that school buildings and facilities are to remain closed until June 30th.  This includes school buildings and athletic facilities.  At the present time, we will keep the track open for community members to walk.  Please adhere to social distancing and no more than 10 individuals accessing the track at one time.  

How will grades be determined for my student?

  • Student grades for the fourth nine weeks will be determined on a pass/incomplete system.  Students will be given a determination for the effort of work that was completed during the extended closure.  The school understands that not all students were able to get the support that they generally receive when they are learning in the classroom, therefore letter grades will not be given at this time.

    • The Pass/Incomplete score will not be counted in a student’s GPA or recorded on a transcript. This is a means to acknowledge and communicate the effort that the student made to complete work during the extended time off.

  • Student semester grades will be determined by averaging the students first three nine weeks grades to determine the second semester grade.  This will be the average of the grades that the child received while they were in the classroom with a teacher instructing. 

    • This score will be on the student’s transcript and count towards their GPA. 

  • We have to think of the term “grade” much differently than we are used to doing.  For the fourth nine weeks during closure, we need to think of this as a term that will be used to report or communicate to the student and family the level of participation in continued learning.

  • CCP Courses (college credit) will follow the guidance from the college.

What does the Pass/Incomplete mean for my GPA?

  • The fourth nine weeks “grades/communications” will not be factored into a GPA or be placed on a transcript.  These reports/communications that will be on the report card are a means to communicate to the student and the family the level of continued learning that the student participated in during the closure.  Because we know that not all students have the same resources and we live in a very rural area, this is the fairest method that the teachers can report/communicate to students that their effort to continue learning was acknowledged. 

How does Pass/Incomplete affect athletic eligibility?

  • Athletic eligibility is determined by the passage of classes for the previous nine weeks.  (Example: fall sports are dependent upon the fourth nine weeks).  By using the Pass/Incomplete system, no students will be receiving an “F” for the fourth nine weeks.  Therefore, all students will be eligible for fall athletics.

Will there be a graduation?

  • At the present time we are still planning a graduation.  We are working with the seniors and their parents to complete a virtual graduation that will air on May 24th at 2:00.  Students will be recorded prior to this date.  Seniors will receive this information in the mail. 

  • We also have reserved June 28th and July 26th for dates to hold a traditional graduation if we are permitted at that time by the Health Department.

What about Kindergarten Graduation and 8th Grade Promotion?

  • Kindergarten Graduation Parade: We will be holding the Kindergarten Graduation Parade on Thursday, May 21st at 9:00 am. It will leave from the W.E.S parking lot and line up may begin at 8:40 am. Cars will line up behind parade leader, Mrs. Cary Huck, who will be driving a school bus. We will have a runner bringing index cards for you to complete with your order and the name of the child in the car. The parade will travel Main Street and return to the W.E.S parking lot, where students will be announced and receive their awards. Family members may line the parade route with signs, but must adhere to social distancing guidelines of at least 6 feet during the parade and in the W.E.S parking lot. No one is permitted outside of their cars during the parade or ceremony.  We are asking parents to decorate cars for their students in the parade.

  • 8th Grade Promotion- Part I:  On May 20th, 2020 at 7:00 pm, we will hold a virtual 8th Grade Promotion ceremony online. Parents may sit in front of computers, etc. with their child/children to watch our online celebration. Students with speeches will be able to speak, all students will have their names called and Mrs. Beth Huck will screen share the slideshow. The entire virtual ceremony will be recorded and put online for public viewing on May 21st, 2020. Please be sure NOT to share the invitation with any other parties as our platform has a maximum capacity of attendants. Attendance to this part of the ceremony is optional.

  • 8th Grade Promotion- Part II:  On May 21st, 2020 at 6:00 pm, we will hold a parade to celebrate our 8th graders and to give them the opportunity to receive their certificates. The parade will start promptly at 6:00 pm. Please be on time. Cars will need to line up behind Mrs. Cary Huck’s bus, as she will be leading the parade. She will be parked at the entrance closest to the football field. All cars should enter via the BeeBee Hill entrance. Parents, please decorate your car for your child. You will be driving them in the parade. Family members are welcome to line up on the parade route (Main Street) to celebrate with signs, etc., as long as social-distancing guidelines are followed. No one is permitted outside of their cars during the parade or ceremony.  Upon returning to the elementary, students will be announced and your car will pull up for your child to receive their certificate/s. Upon receiving your certificate, you may leave. At no time should anyone be out of their cars, as we are respecting all social distancing guidelines and must remain a minimum of 6 feet apart. For family members wanting to view the ceremony in the parking lot, there will be a limited amount of spaces on the row closest to the highway. Cars should be parked in every other spot. Mr. Davis and Mr. Myers will be assisting in guiding cars to lines and parking spots. We will be recording as much of this celebration as possible and will post in online for the public to view. 

What about Elementary Awards Day?

  • Awards Day Schedule: Awards Day, this year, will be held virtually on Zoom. Homeroom teachers will share the link to the Zoom call with parents via email, DOJO or Google Classroom. Awards Day will be held as scheduled on Friday, May 22nd, 2020. All awards and certificates will be mailed home with report cards. The schedule is below:

  • 8:30- 1st grade- Mrs. Schaad and Mrs. Kendall’s classes

  • 9:30- 2nd grade- Mrs. Hartline and Mrs. Lynch’s classes

  • 10:30- 3rd grade- Mrs. Stoops and Mrs. Suprano’s classes

  • 11:30- 4th grade- Mrs. Oliver and Mrs. Lemasters’ classes

  • 12:30- 5th grade- Miss Barker and Miss Garrett’s classes

  • 1:30- 6th grade- Mrs. Ketchum and Mrs. McCutcheon’s classes

  • 2:30- Jr. High- Mrs. Huck, Mrs. Montgomery, Mr. Buchman, Mr. Ackerman and Mr. Davis’s classes

How will I turn in my students' materials?

  • Senior Turn in will be on May 12th from 12:00-6:00 at the High School Small gym.

  • Student material turn in will be the week of May 18th.  There will be further details coming on the specifics of this at that time.  The turn in schedule is as follows:

    • May 19th 12:00-6:00pm - Juniors

    • May 20th 12:00-6:00pm - Sophomores

    • May 21st 12:00-6:00om - Freshmen

    • May 22nd 10:00-1:00 - Make-up

  • Process for turn in: Students will bring all materials with them that they are returning to the school including a charged chromebook.  They will enter the back doors of the small gym and return items.  After returning items, they will be permitted to go and clean out their lockers.  We request that social distancing be observed and will have staff members present to help with this process.  We will be limiting the number of individuals in the building at one time.  It is requested that individuals wear masks as well.

  • Athletic Uniforms can also be turned in at this time. 

When will Kindergarten Screening be held?

  • There will be additional details coming on this as well.  This will likely take place in the fall prior to the return to school.  

What about the Freshman Visit Opportunity?

  • This is something that we find important to be able to provide the incoming freshmen an opportunity to come into the building and take a tour and get to ask questions prior to their Freshman year.  There will be an opportunity to have an opportunity to come to the building and take a tour.  There will be additional details for this coming in August.  We have to see where we are with social distancing at that time to see what is allowable and safe.

Student Meal Service?

  • The student meal service will continue through the week of June 29th for those that need it.  Please continue to call the High School Office to get on that list.  (740-984-2373).

  • Beginning with the June 1st meal distribution all meals must be picked at elementary between 10 and 11:30 am. There will be NO deliveries May 26th.

  • If you are currently on the list then you will remain on the list unless you contact Waterford High School at 740-984-2374.

  • The May 25th meals will be picked up on May 26th, as Monday is a Holiday.  There will still be five days worth of meals in the box.

  • The last week of  meals will be picked up on Monday June 29th.

What about athletics during the summer?  Open gyms, etc?

  • There is a current no contact period in place until May 31, 2020.  This means that students are not permitted to be in contact with a coach other than a conversation during this time. 

  • The school buildings and practice facilities along with the weightroom are closed until after June 30, 2020.

  • OHSAA is monitoring this for the fall and will release information as they have it available.  There may be an effect to the fall schedule of events. 

What will school look like in the Fall?

  • This is something that we wish we had additional information on at this time.  When we are ready to open in the fall we will follow the Health Department and the CDC guidelines for cleaning and distancing to keep students safe.  We are hoping that as more information is released we will know what the opening of school will look like by August 1.

How can we stay up to date with new information?

  • We are currently trying to share information in a variety of ways.  Information is shared on Social Media, the school website and alerts.  There will be a newsletter that will come out over the summer that will have additional information regarding the start of school. 

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