Google Classroom Teacher Roster
Google Classroom Teacher Roster
Mrs. Jana Thomas
Monday, March 23, 2020

First, please understand, ALL assignments are currently being provided in hard copy/packet format outside of the front of Waterford Elementary School.

The Google Classroom assignments are provided online, but are also provided in hard copy/packet format. If you do not have internet, do not fret as the assignments can be completed in hard copy as well. It is not mandatory to complete any of the assignments online.

The following teachers have assignments posted on Google Classroom and provide the same assignments in hard copy format:

Mrs. Huck- Social Studies (7/8)

Mrs. Montgomery- ELA (7/8)

Mr. Buchman- Math (7/8) 

Mrs. Varnadoe- (7/8 and 5th grade SEL (Social/Emotional Learning))

*Miss Garrett and Miss Barker have Google Classroom capabilities and students are already signed up. However, at this time, they are NOT using google classroom.*