Pepperoni Rollers Top Sellers
Pepperoni Rollers Top Sellers
Mrs. Jana Thomas
Friday, December 21, 2018

The following students were the top sellers for our Pepperoni Rollers fundraiser (in no particular order):

Meyson Park

Willie Hanger
Lacie Harra
Karter Ellis
Jaci Hall
Colton Work
Roman Hardie
Emma Schaad
Garin Schaad
Aubrey Few
Xaiden Kearns
Taylor Martin
Chloe Stengle
Jillian Hanes
Haidyn Sampson
Bentley Chichester
David Crock
Ashlyn McVay
Lee Miller
Bryson Harlow
Colton McClead
Levi Martin
Kylee Kelley
Addyson Barnett
Hensley Wagner

These students are having a pepperoni roll party with Mrs. Thomas, today, Friday, December 21st, 2018. Thank you to all the students and families that sold!